i love concerts so much that i have pre concert depression thinking about the post concert depression i’m going to have 

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Haim ?

am I a fan?: No

favorite song: Idk, I’ve only ever heard one song on the radio

favorite album: /

favorite member: I only know one of them’s name is Este and idk about the others so I don’t have any fave

seen live?: No

unpopular opinion: /

band rate: /

Sorry I couldn’t make this more interesting. Thanks for asking though x

pls send me bands

am I a fan?:

favorite song:

favorite album:

favorite member:

seen live?:

unpopular opinion:

band rate:

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how do people even find 7 month old posts? 

Hey, is any of my followers playing on Pottermore? If so, add me: UnicornBat120

what was the most awkward moment of your romantic history?

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this handsome dork.

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I think I wanted each one to be quite mysterious. I guess it comes from Mulholland Drive. I remember when I first saw it I left the cinema perplexed and all I wanted to do was talk to people about it. Like how excited I felt when I was younger and wanting to go online or speak to friends and be like, ‘What the hell was that about?’ but on a much more small, less complex level, the Bad Blood video—I wanted it be a strange narrative. I guess in the beginning I didn’t want to be in the video and slightly had my arm twisted by our label. I guess most people watching it are going, ‘That was weird, I don’t understand it, I don’t care, whatever,’ but if 10% of people who watched it and wondered what happened or pay attention, that’s great for me. I guess Bad Blood and Flaws kind of fit together because in Bad Blood I get trapped in the water and missing at sea and then in Flaws I get washed up and I guess my ghost sort of gets up and wanders off.

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Bastille // Oblivion


Bastille // Oblivion

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the jacket

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