1. paper-and-words-so-sweet said: everyone’s been getting the same message from this fucker what a piece of shit

I know, I’ve seen that message all over my dash… Hope no one takes this shit seriously. 


People who think bassists and drummers are not important cannot be trusted

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Your blog makes me physically sick. You should just go kill yourself. Nobody likes you.

Love you too anon <3 

When I start listening to a new band I just think “Oh just another band, I won’t go crazy fangirl this time” but then things get out of control

put a letter in my ask



Not enough woody on my dash

In need of some Woody on my dash ^^

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"People that download music illegally might be arrested."


“What are you in here for then?”

“Fraud. You?”

“Arson and murder. What about you, kid?”

“The Glee cover of Teenage Dream.”

*cough* Other People’s Heartache Pt 1 & 2

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Bastille on Conan, 16/4/2014

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I like the hair though!

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TRACK: Campus
ARTIST: Bastille
ALBUM: Bastille: Live


Campus (Live) 


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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send to ten of your favorite followers :) x

Nice things about me, you know that’s gonna be hard right? Thank you x
1. When I really want something I usually do get it.
2. I usually can ace a test by only studying the night before.
3. I’m a good cook (accordng to my friends and family)
4. Apparently I don’t look as horrible as I think haha
5. I like helping people


"It’s gotten to a point where it was bigger than the rest of your body."

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I&#8217;m not even a fan of Arctic Monkeys but yeah, tumblr did a thing

I’m not even a fan of Arctic Monkeys but yeah, tumblr did a thing